Le Pizou is located in the Isle river valley – and offers “green tourism” around it, as well as other towns in the canton. Besides hiking, biking, horse riding, you will find a multitude of rivers and lakes for swimming, boating and fishing. The river for the island offers the usual water fun on a fairly accessible and guarded beach, “the basic Chandos. The villages, markets, bars and restaurants. Four here an authentic green stay, simple villages. summer, there are festivals in the village LE PIZOU with music, long tables and benches to spend a good evening: spit-roasted pork, lamb roast, paella. Bordeaux, Saint Emilion and Bergerac are also not far from there, so you can feel free to taste a day of wine.

One of the main attractions in the region is the Double forest: with over 50,000 hectares which is a harmonious forest with many lakes, a varied forest with more than just oak and pine trees. This forest was made available at the end of the 19th century, there were roads through it. Now it is a beautiful and serene environment with different species of trees, with many hiking trails, lakes (the largest lake is Etang de la Jemaye in the middle of the forest), where life is good.

We have a selection of options in the area, but you can always visit the Syndicat d’Initiatives in Montpon Ménésterol. We also have maps of walking and cycling routes available.


roques_st_christophe La Roque Saint-Christophe on the world is part of heritage
UNESCO and is a big rock with cave dwellings
on the Vézère river. There is a beautiful view of the river valley.
The cliff is one kilometer long and lives a hundred meters above the road
and the Vézère river. The rock has five terraces, on the one hand, origin
by the erosion of the river. 60 million years ago and also and above all by
the action of frost on limestone during the ice ages of the Quaternary era.
gouffre_proumeyssac Gouffre de Proumeyssac
The cave has several rooms and
is also called the “crystal cathedral”.
There are stalactites, stalagmites and monoliths.
Due to the influx of water, there are many
calcietafzettingen present in the cave. This
drainage is used today for pottery
to provide a calcietlaag. It gives a nice
sparkling on the pottery.
In the cave visits are approximately
considering 45 minutes.
Aubeterre sur Dronne Aubeterre sur Dronne

Un village idyllique situé dans une forme d’amphithéâtre
dessus de la Dronne. Les charmants balcons en bois
Certaines maisons renforcent la pittoresque
la nature de ce lieu.
L’église de la grotte vaut bien une visite, sculpté dans
12ème siècle par le Benidictijnen. Il est le plus grand
église de son genre en Europe.


Saint Emilion Saint Emilion Belle ville avec quelques-uns des vignobles environnants
5500 HA l’un des plus célèbres du monde. Ils
site du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Depuis la
3ème siècle est cultivé du vin ici, seul un rouge
le vin. Il vaut bien une visite du métro
grottes et l’église avec un guide. Ensuite, repos et
profiter d’un vin délicieux à l’un des terrasses.
A bord du tramway touristique pour une visite guidée
le long de plusieurs châteaux est également une possibilité.
Château Franc Mayne Chateau Franc Mayne
Visite à une dégustation de vin et les châteaux
expositions dans le jardin de sculptures.
Chateau_monbazillac Château Monbazillac près de Bergerac depuis
1960 appartenant à la Cave de Monbazillac, les garçons
qui font et vendre du vin. Monbazillac est un
frappant le vin de dessert et l’un des rares blancs
les vins qui peuvent atteindre un âge très vieux
et améliorer ainsi la qualité. Soyez vin
goûtez au château.

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